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Enforcement Policy and Charter

The Planning and Environmental Health Division undertake a wide range of regulatory duties that seek compliance with legislative standards in order to protect the public, environment and groups such as consumers, workers and animals.

This work is carried out in the following service areas namely:

This Enforcement Policy and Charter has been developed in order to ensure that enforcement action is in accordance with all current and relevant legal and professional procedural guidance and is enforced fairly, transparently, consistently and uniformly throughout the Borough of Dudley the

The Policy seeks to promote efficient and effective approaches to regulatory inspection and enforcement, which improves outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens. This is in accordance with the Regulators’ Compliance Code.

The Policy and Charter documents are available for download in PDF format at the bottom of the page.

Prosecutions Register for the Dudley Borough

A public register of prosecutions is maintained detailing details of prosecutions and formal cautions issued in the last three years, in accordance with the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988.