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Domestic violence

Anyone can experience domestic violence. It can happen in all kinds of relationships and for many different reasons regardless of age, race, sex, sexuality, disability or wealth.

Children are very much the silent victims of domestic violence and can be affected in serious and long lasting ways. These may include; feeling frightened, becoming withdrawn, behavioural difficulties and problems at school.

The longer children are exposed to violence the more severe the effects are. Children often see or hear more than adults think they have. Children will often blame themselves.

Domestic violence can also teach children that violence is a way to resolve conflict.

If you are worried about domestic violence discuss it with someone.

If you are violent or abusive you can get help to stop what is happening.

To find out more about domestic abuse and help available in the borough visit www.dudleysafeandsound.org

In an emergency dial 999.

Domestic Abuse and Violence Strategy

The Interim Domestic Abuse and Violence Strategy below sets out the strategic direction for addressing domestic abuse and violence within Dudley through partnership working.

The strategy also outlines service provision to support victims and outlines criminal justice sanctions to tackle perpetrators.

The final strategy will be published in July 2015, this will include an action plan to further improve responses for victims of domestic abuse and violence.