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Dudley Telecare Service

At Home

What is Telecare?

Telecare represents the whole range of ‘assistive technology’ products, which include all sorts of alarm systems. The products provide support to people in their own homes, through their link to the Dudley telecare service.

The Telecare products are unobtrusive and flexible and represent an automatic monitoring service, which can and has transformed the lives of people who wish to remain living independently for as long as they possibly can. The product also brings reassurance to users by ensuring their safety within the home. 

Please see links below for further information:

Visit our partner website Living well, feeling safe online to find out more about assistive technology  products and services that can help you to maintain your independence.

You may also wish to visit the At Home website. AT HOME is a regional collaboration of West Midlands councils. It is aiming to encourage people to think about how independent living equipment, including assistive technology (known as ‘telecare’) can help to support people as they get older so they can remain living independently, successfully in their own homes. The website offers advice and support to people aged over fifty, who are thinking about later life and  looking for equipment, aids and support to keep independent and well at home, alternatively if you wish to chat to us about this kind of support, call us on 0300 555 2040.

Please see related documents to the right to view further information about suggested user packages, case histories and successful outcomes.

What is the Dudley Telecare Service?

The Dudley telecare service is Dudley Council’s emergency telecare call service. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A range of Telecare solutions can be installed within the home by us and these are linked to our emergency monitoring service.

Here professional and experienced call handlers, who are specifically trained to respond to customers emergency requirements, take calls either direct from customers or make response calls to customers which are triggered by the alarm products, checking if help or assistance is required. In this way customers, their family and friends have constant reassurance that help and support is always at hand.

If you cannot view the embedded video above, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAYnm6B0f9I

Who is the Dudley Telecare Service for?

The service is available to anyone who is vulnerable and is likely to need a little extra support or assistance within the home. There is no age barrier to the service; anyone who is isolated, lives alone, feels insecure or could benefit from the service.

How do Telecare solutions work?

Telecare equipment is installed in the home, following an assessment of the customers needs and is tailored to each individual’s requirements. Each piece of Telecare equipment is programmed to an individual alarm and works by sending it a radio signal. This means that all installations are discreet, with no wires trailing from base unit to sensors.

The customer can activate a support call at any time, simply by pressing on their emergency pendant (supplied to all customers) or if the sensor activates on a piece of equipment then a call will automatically be activated at the monitoring centre or the carer’s pager/mobile within seconds.

The call operators will then assess the nature of the emergency and will action an appropriate response. This may be simply chatting to the customer by phone, checking that they are alright or it may be that a key holder (nominated by the customer) or a member of the Dudley telecare team will undertake a ‘responder’ visit to check on or offer support direct to the customer within their home.

Alternatively in the case of a serious emergency, the emergency services will be contacted.

The vast majority of Telecare equipment sensors are simply there to support the individual, monitor or alert in the case of an emergency and do not require any involvement or operation from the customer. The only products which do offer a push button operation are the individual alarm, pendant (worn around the neck or wrist) and the bogus caller button.

Often people are concerned that staff at the monitoring centre will be able to ‘listen in’ to them in their home. This is not, however the case at all. The alarm is completely private and staff cannot hear anything within the home unless the alarm is activated.

The only piece of Telecare equipment that does enable staff to listen is the bogus caller button. If this is pressed then staff at the monitoring centre can listen in, in order to identify whether help is required.

:: View the range of Telecare solutions available

See below for details of a successful pill dispenser project which illustrates the effectiveness of this life saving device.

:: Pill dispenser project [pdf / 1.87MB]

How can I get the Dudley Telecare Service?

The Telecare solutions can be installed into any home within the community. All that is needed is a telephone line and a plug socket within two meters of this.

Referrals for the service can be made by people themselves, their relatives or advocates, staff from health, social care, housing or voluntary agencies.

A request for the service is simply made by calling the Dudley telecare service (contact details are to the right), where a call operator will take all personal details, together with information about specific needs. An appointment will be made for one of the telecare officers to visit the individual in their home and they will undertake a full assessment. Urgent referrals are dealt with within 48 hours, others within 7 days.

The officer will be able to suggest a suitable Telecare solution which will endeavour to meet the individual’s support needs. Following this the equipment deemed necessary will be installed – often on the same day, tested and explained in full to the customer.

A telecare officer will make contact with the customer after a 6 week post installation period to check that they are compactly happy with the service and equipment.

:: Apply online for telecare

What are the costs?

The Dudley telecare service is incorporated within the property rentals for council tenants, so no extra charge is made for the service. For owner occupiers the cost is £15.72 per month (including VAT), or £13.10 per month for those who are VAT exempt. This is a standard charge, which is not dependent on the number of Telecare products installed. Please note the service cost will change from 1st April 2018 to £16.92 (including VAT) and £14.10 (excluding VAT).

If you cannot view the embedded video above, please visit https://youtu.be/k484wrVseYE