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Bumble Hole and Warrens Hall Local Nature Reserves


All of this quiet greenery was once covered with industrial action, a hub of horses and workers. Factories, boat yards, coal mines, blast furnaces, iron works, timber yards, brick kilns and saw mills occupied the open spaces. There are many hidden clues and visible signs in Cobbs engine house, Timbers Gallows Crane and the Blow Cold Bank Colliery Spoil Heap. The canal basin once served for continual boat traffic ferrying coal from the pits. The exiting boats were then subject to a payment toll, at a toll island, dependant on the weight of their load. The island is all that remains of this old system. Timber Gallows crane is of a very rare design, it is thought to be the last of its kind in the country and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The crane was in working order up till the 1970’s and is currently awaiting restoration. During this date the owner estimated the crane could have lifted 20 tonnes in weight. Cobbs engine house, officially know as Windmill End Pumping station, used to remove water from local mines. The shaft was 525 feet deep, removing over 1,600,000 litres of water into the canal every day. There are many historical bridges, land marks and the breath taking scenery here, making this area perfect for artists, recreational users and for enjoying the piece and quiet.


The area has large areas of canal pathways. There are areas of open grass, ideal for family recreation and smaller shaded and un-shaded areas perfect for picnics. The area as a whole is unique, with its variety of historical features, water pools, wild flowers and birds utilising the quiet canal route. The area houses the Nature Reserve Visitor Centre. This faculty offers an extensive historical to present day display areas. There are refreshments, souvenirs and bric-a-brac for sale to assist with fund rising, kindly note that the group is a registered charity. The area hosts a selection of managed pathways, making walking an optimal choice, for all individuals within the community. The area is host to the Black Country Boating Festival, an annual event held every September.


  • Bumble Hole & Warrens Hall Local Nature Reserve Visitor Centre. DY2 9HU

  • Refreshments and toilet facilities with limited opening times.

  • Large areas of flat managed grass

  • Smaller areas of shaded and un-shaded grass

  • Managed canal side path ways

  • Gads Green football area

  • Close to road side access points

Friends of Bumble Hole & Warrens Hall Local Nature Reserve

This area has an active Friends Group, Friends of Bumble Hole & Warrens Hall Local Nature Reserve. The group was officially established in 1993 when members of the local community volunteered to start discussions on ways of improving and regenerating the area. The group are always recruiting new members, to assist with future plans and events.

Any queries please contact us using the details below.

Photo Bumble Hole
Bumble Hole 2

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