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Lettings Policy

In Dudley, we have far more families applying for council housing than we have houses available. Our Lettings Policy sets out who can be accepted on to our waiting list and what priority they will have. It is reviewed from time to time in response to changes in the law or to local needs.

A full copy of the Lettings Policy can be inspected at Dudley Council Plus or purchased for £8.70.

You can also download a copy of the policy from the related documents section on the right.

Like most urban areas, we have more flats than houses, so these can be more easily available. We have flats suitable for single people, couples and families, and we are currently carrying out consultation on our letting arrangements for these

Consultation on the letting of council flats

We welcome any views you may have about the letting of council flats to people of different age groups.

This consultation is about our 7000+ low rise flats, it does not include our high rise flats. Our low rise flats are a mixture of bedsits, flats with one, two or three bedrooms, and maisonettes with two or three bedrooms, and are in blocks that are usually two, three, four or five floors high. Some have gardens or balconies, many have secure entry systems, our rents are very affordable, and we provide comprehensive management and maintenance.

Currently, many of our blocks have age restrictions - some are for people over 30 or over 40,some are for any age or just for young people, and some are for families with children. Housing law requires that we review these local rules from time to time, and also ensure that we do not disadvantage any particular age group by making it more difficult for them to find a home.

Overall, we have more flats for older people than for younger people, and in some areas there are flats we are unable to let even though there are good tenants waiting who would like to take them but are the "wrong" age. Blocks we have built more recently do not have any age rules, and this has not led to any problems. In our newly built blocks, the usual rules are:-

  • Ground floor flats - priority to people with disability needs or older people

  • Upper floor one bed flats - couples and single people

  • Upper floor two bed flats - families with one or two children or a mixture of families and single people/couples

Please note that if any of the age rules change this does not mean that any existing tenants have to move out - it would just mean that if/when any vacancies occur we would have a wider group of applicants from which to select a suitable tenant. We are careful in our selection process, and always ask for references as well as checking any previous tenancies.

We have already consulted with residents living in our flats, but before making any changes we would also like to hear from people who are on our waiting list, or who haven’t applied yet but might be interested in renting a flat from us. Please complete the online survey.

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