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Plans, Policies & Strategies

We have a range of strategies that are designed to help us meet the housing need of the people of Dudley. These strategies are listed below along with a brief summary.

Housing Strategy

A report on Dudley Council's strategic aims and key challenges for the future.

:: Housing Strategy 2013 - 2016 [pdf / 2.64MB] - March 2013

Local Investment Plan

Dudley’s local investment plan is setting the vision for the future of housing and housing led regeneration in the borough.

Developed in partnership by Dudley Council and the Homes and Communities Agency, the plan will set out how the council and the HCA will work together with public and private sector partners to help deliver the Black Country Core Strategy and Dudley’s long term housing and regeneration vision.

Although the plan focuses on investment over the next three years, it is designed to be flexible and to take into account changes in policy.

:: Local investment plan 2010-2014 [pdf / 1.85MB]

Homelessness Strategy and Review

The Homelessness Act 2002 imposes a duty on local housing authorities to formulate and publish a homelessness strategy based on the results of its homelessness review. The Borough’s Homelessness Review informs and influences our strategy and provides a valuable insight into the homelessness issues within the borough.

:: Homeless Prevention Strategy 2015 - 17

:: Homeless Prevention Strategy Consultation 2017-19

Housing Renewal Policy

This Housing Renewal Policy has been adopted by the council to implement the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002. This gives councils wider powers to offer assistance. Enquiries about this policy should be addressed to: Private Sector Housing, Dudley MBC, 17 St James’s Road, Dudley, DY1 1JG.

Telephone 01384 815109
Fax 01384 812630 
Email psh.housing@dudley.gov.uk

:: Housing Assistance Scheme [pdf / 66KB] - September 2014

Empty Homes Strategy

A home that stands empty causes problems. If it’s not secure it can attract vandals and burglars. It can get overgrown and filled with rubbish, and can soon become an eyesore. If it gets very run-down it’s a safety risk too.

Empty homes bring down an area and threaten the health of the local community. If a privately owned home is causing problems like this, report it to us now. Phone us on 01384 815118, email Housing Services, or call into our office at 17 St James’s Road, Dudley, DY1 1JG.

:: Empty Homes Strategy [pdf / 381KB] 2008 - 2011

Older Persons' Housing Strategy

It is important to achieve a good mix of housing types, including specialist housing and services for older people, to promote strong and sustainable communities. Dudley Council’s population projections predict that leading up to, and by 2021, there will be more people aged 45-64, more aged 65+, and increased numbers of people over the age of 80.

:: Fit for the Future - Homes for Life [pdf / 605KB] - 2009

Learning Disability Housing and Support Strategy

In 2001 the Government published the White Paper “Valuing People”. Along with a number of other issues this placed a requirement on Local Authorities to produce a housing strategy for people with a learning disability. In March 2003 Dudley published its housing strategy for people with a learning disability. This is an updated version of that original strategy and along with an updated action plan sets out what we have achieved in the last nine years and what is still to be done.

:: Learning Disability Housing and Support Strategy 2013-15

Black Country Tenancy Strategy

This Black Country Tenancy Strategy has been developed in response to the Localism Act 2011.

:: Black Country Tenancy Strategy [pdf / 53KB] - January 2013 

Supporting People Strategy

This strategy is far reaching and sets out our priorities and objectives for the coming years to support the most vulnerable people to exercise choice and control over their lives.

:: Supporting People Strategy 2010 - 2015 [pdf / 438KB] 

Housing Market Intelligence Report 2011

This report provides information on the housing needs of the Borough and covers all housing tenures.

:: Housing Market Intelligence Report 2011 [pdf / 1.51MB]

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