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Bereavement Services Fees & Charges

Displayed below are  Bereavement fees.   

You can also view and search the entire directory fees and charges of services provided by the Directorate of the Urban Environment.


Fee SummaryFee TypeCategoryCurrent Fee
Additional chapel time including Organ and OrganistBereavement ServicesBereavement£158.00 per half hour
Assignment / Transfer / Statutory Declaration of Burial RightsBereavement ServicesBereavement£39.00
Babies GraveBereavement ServicesBereavement - Interment Fees£227 per grave
Book of RemembranceBereavement ServicesBereavement - Memorials and Inscriptions2 lines £82 5 lines £115 8 lines £145 Badges £115
Bricked GraveBereavement ServicesBereavement - Interment Fees£2257 per grave
Bronze Wall Plaque - plaqueBereavement ServicesBereavement - Memorials and Inscriptions£179.00 Renewal fee for a further 10 years £88.00
CasketsBereavement ServicesBereavement£81.00 per casket
Caskets (Baby)Bereavement ServicesBereavement£32.00 per casket
Concrete insert in grave (Muslim burial requirement)Bereavement ServicesBereavement£525
Cremated remains (17 years and above)Bereavement ServicesBereavement - Interment Fees£402 (17 Years and above)