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Report a pothole

A pothole is a sharp edged depression in a road (carriageway), usually resulting from the effects of water or weather damage, and stresses caused by heavy vehicles.

Dudley Council repairs potholes on public roads in the borough. We don't repair potholes on private roads; this needs to be done by either the residents or the developer.

How do I Report a pothole?

If you notice a pothole in the road, please tell us about it using our online street maintenance form.

Report a pothole using your mobile phone

You can also use the My Council App allows you to easily and immediately report potholes using your mobile. 

What causes potholes?

Potholes occur when the road's surface breaks and collapses. This often occurs as a result of cold weather.

During sub-zero temperatures, water gets into small cracks in the road surface and freezes, forming pockets of ice. When the temperature rises the ice melts leaving gaps under the surface layer.

Vehicles driving over the road’s surface can cause these areas to weaken, or eventually collapse and cause potholes.

Why is it important to repair potholes?

Potholes on the road can be a danger to road users. Potholes on the pavement can lead to accident and injury for pedestrians. Therefore it is important to repair potholes whenever they occur.

Sometimes potholes are only repaired temporarily. Why is this?

Some potholes need to be filled urgently to keep roads in a safe condition. We always try to repair these potholes permanently, but sometimes it is not possible. This is because the material we need to make permanent repairs is not always available when we need it. Instead, we repair the pothole temporarily to keep the road safe, and wait until the material for permanent repairs becomes available.

How Quickly will the Pothole be Repaired?

We will look at the pothole and decide the risk it poses to road users. This is difficult to judge since all potholes present some risk. The factors to be taken into account include size and depth of pothole; traffic type, speed and volume; road alignment and visibility and also the position in relation to road width.

Intervention Levels

The national guideline for potholes is 20mm deep in the footway (The diameter of one penny coin is equivalent to 20mm) and 40mm deep in the carriageway, with a width of 200mm (roughly the size of a dinner plate).

Maintenance programme structural surveys

The Council undertakes a programme of inspections and structural surveys. Any area of road or pavement which the inspector thinks may become an imminent danger to road users or pedestrians is noted and a repair arranged.

Making a complaint

If you feel we have failed to provide you with good service please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve any concerns you may have. We also have a formal complaints procedure.

Can't find the information you are looking for?

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