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Change of Circumstances

Report Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction Change of Circumstances online

When your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction award starts, your award will continue until your circumstances change.  A change could be something affecting you, your partner or anybody else who lives with you and it could increase or reduce your award or stop you being entitled to Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction altogether.

If your circumstances change, it is your legal responsibility to advise us of this so that your benefit can be amended.

What changes do you need to tell us about?

See below for further information and watch our short Prezi.

There are many types of changes that you need to tell us about, below is a list of some of the changes (but not limited to), however it is important that you check with us if you’re unsure if a change will affect your entitlement to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction:

Changes in income or capital

  • Any increase or decrease in wages, works pensions, maintenance etc

  • If any sort of income starts, stops or the amount you get goes up or down

  • If you or your partner stop working

  • Any changes to the amount of your capital or savings

 Change in other benefits

  • If you start or stop receiving Income Support

  • If you start or stop getting Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • If any other benefit starts or stops or the amount changes

  • If Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit starts or stops, or the amount changes

 People who live with you

  • If someone comes to live with you

  • If someone living with you leaves

  • If anyone who lives with you starts or stops working

  • If there is any change in the income of someone who lives with you

  • If a child leaves school

Changes in rent (private and housing association tenants only)

  • If your landlord puts your rent up or down

  • If the services included in your rent change

  • If the part of the property you live in changes. For example, you may move to a different room in the same property or take on extra rooms

When and how should you report a change of circumstances?

You should report your change in circumstances as soon as you are aware of the change.  You must report changes that may affect your Council Tax Reduction within one calendar month. If you delay in reporting the change:-

  • You may miss out on additional benefits that you are entitled to

  • You may be overpaid benefit which will need to be paid back

  • You may have actions (including prosecution) taken against you

You must report your change of circumstance by completing the online form (above) or in person at our Benefits Enquiry Counter within Dudley Council Plus, Castle Street, Dudley 

You must provide any evidence of the change i.e. original wage slips, etc.  Please note we cannot accept photocopies.

What happens if you don’t report a change of circumstance?

If you do not report your change at the correct time you may be being paid too much Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. Any amount overpaid will have to be paid back.

If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit we will ask you or, in some cases, your landlord, to repay the money overpaid.  If you are still entitled to Housing Benefit, the amount of Housing Benefit you are paid will be reduced until the full amount has been recovered. If you no longer qualify for Housing Benefit you will be issued an invoice for the overpaid amount.

If you have been overpaid a Council Tax Reduction, the amount you have been overpaid will be added to your council tax account and revised instalments will be issued.