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Legal advice

Debt Counselling

Those with the least money to spare often carry the most serious debts. Some end up in a cycle of debt and exclusion through no fault of their own. Life changes like losing a job, separation or having a baby are often triggers and it’s crucial that these key moments are recognised and preventative action taken.

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which one person (the Donor) gives another person(s) (the Attorney or Attorneys) authority to act on his/her behalf and in his/her name that is to manage his or her affairs.

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Dudley Trading Standards

We are here to protect the interests of Dudley consumers and businesses.

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Dudley Community Legal Service Partnership

Dudley CLSP is a network of providers, funders and clients of legal advice and information services in Dudley, supported by and including the Legal Services Commission.

The work of the CLSP is co-ordinated by a Steering Group.

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