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The Collections

An assortment of items from the collections


The people of Dudley Metropolitan Borough possess an impressive collection of heritage material. It spans thousands of years and illustrates the unique landscape, lives and pride of this region, but is from insular, with contributions from other regions and countries. This is cared for by the museum service and archive service and a significant proportion is displayed at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery and the Red House Glass Cone.

Inevitably it would be impossible to display all of the collections generated by the rich heritage of this region. However, none of the displays are static and objects and art works are often rotated between the collection stores and each site. In addition to visiting these sites, you can also explore the collections online with various tools to suit your skills and interests.

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Black Country History

Type in your search term and you will be provided with relevant records for art works, geological samples, documents, maps, photographs, historical objects and more. This gives you access to several collection databases held by museum services and archives within the Black Country:

Although the databases are constantly growing, only a proportion of the holdings are available to view online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the relevant organisation for more information.

Detail from a section of the Sappho plaque


Geology Matters

If you are interested in Geology, then Geology Matters is for you. This website will keep you up to date with geological news across the Black Country and provides a search facility for relevant collections.

We Love Art

We Love Art focuses on the art collections of the Black Country. From paintings to sculptures, the search facility provides images of stunning and inspiring art work.

Gorgeous Glass

This project showcased 400 years of glassmaking in the Black country. Although the website no longer exists, many of its images were captured by the public on Pinterest.

Crinoid Fossil from Dudley


Black Country Partners

The partners care for an incredible range of collections. Follow the links below to view object groups that represent particular strengths:

Not only are the collections of great importance to this region, but they also have national significance. The following groups fit in this category: the Hodson Shop collection of twentieth century working-class clothing, the geology collections of DMBC Museum Service, Sandwell and Wolverhampton museums and the glass collections of DMBC MS.

Parade of the Loyal Association in Dudley Castle Courtyard, 9th August 1798


Social Media 

DMBC Museum Service is taking advantage of various social media platforms to enhance access to the collections.


We have created several albums that reveal different aspects of the collections and the Museum Service.


To see a sample of the collections cared for by the Museum Service, visit its album.


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