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Loans, Donations and Bequests

Crinoid, Silurian - Wenlock - Homerian - Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
A Crinoid


DMBC Museum Service welcomes loans, donations and bequests that fit within its Collections Development Policies. These policies state what will and will not be accepted into the collections. This is a requirement for holding Accreditation, a professional standard set by Arts Council England. It is often with regret that we cannot accept all objects of historical interest, but if they do not fit into our CDP we cannot accept them. 

Stuart & Sons jug andtankards with galleon design, c1935
Stuart & Sons jug and tankards, c1935



The collections are made of three parts:

  • Glass

  • Geology

  • Fine Art

If you have an object which you think may be of interest, Please read the information regarding Object Donations

Diplomystus, a fossilised fish from the Ecocene period
Diplomystus fossil



Should you wish to make a bequest, please contact the relevant Curator beforehand so that the nature of the bequest can be discussed.

Email: museums@dudley.gov.uk

Pate de Verre, Fish shaped light fitting by Amalric Walter
Light fitting by Amalric Walter, c1910


If a donation is accepted, the Curator will complete an Object Entry Form, which the donor will be asked to sign. This confirms that the donor has undisputed title to the object and full power to dispose of it and transfers  ownership of the object to the Museum Service.

Oil painting by Thomas Webster showing The Battle of the First of June 1794.
Glorious First of June 1794 by T Webster



The Museums Service will consider accepting items on long-term loan. Loans are normally made for a fixed period up to a maximum of five years and can then be returned or re-negotiated once the initial loan period is over.  A Loan Agreement Form will need to be completed. 

Email: museums@dudley.gov.uk