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Friends of the Parks

One of the Parks Developments Teams main aims is to create a self sustaining network of community groups working in partnership with the Council towards the regeneration of the boroughs parks and open spaces.

The establishment of Friends Groups is a relatively new development within Dudley and is rapidly gaining impetus within the community.  Such groups work in partnership with the Council and parks staff in not only addressing current issues but also in looking to the long term regeneration and development of their local park.

As part of our philosophy in a working partnership with the parks, it is essential that we look to develop self sustaining groups which, after an initial period of high input in the establishment phase, are able to run with reduced support enabling staff to aid development in new areas of the Borough.

We have an online network for friends groups who link together called ‘Dudley Open Spaces Forum’. This enables local groups to share experiences, discuss common issues and exchange ideas about projects, events etc.  Such links help to establish a further support network at a grass roots level, again enabling limited resources to be maximised.

What are Friends Groups?


A Friends Group is a number of interested local people coming together with the aim of improving the appearance, facilities, conservation value and safety of their local park or open space.  People will become involved at the start who already care about this, you will inevitably attract new members as you go and start to achieve things.


Why form a group?


This can be for any number of reasons, the main one being to do something positive about a park or open space.  A friends group is an effective and recognised method of achieving this.

How to become a member?


There are already a number of ‘Friends Groups’ in Dudley (some of whom can be seen below), who have each been running for a short time and may have different priorities for their areas, (there are no set goals for all groups, its what you want that counts).  These groups to some extent have already achieved success and learned lessons from this process, and together with the Council and this pack, would be only too willing to advise you on some do’s and don’ts.

Friends of the Parks Contacts

Buffery Park

Mr Steve Briscoe (Chairperson)



Bumble Hole Conservation Group

01384 814100


Friends of Leasowes Park

Marianne Diller (Chair)

0121 422 7585


Mary Stevens Park

Councillor Heather Rogers (Chair)

01384 824939



Milking Bank Park,

Anita Wilkes (Chair Person)



Netherton Park

Richard Johnson (Group Secretary)



Wall Heath Village People (Wall Heath Parks)

Michelle Preston (Chair)



Friends of Priory Park

Friends of Priory Park website


Wollescote Park Friends Group

Craig Lees ( Group Chair )



Friends of Hurst Green Park

Carol Hewitt (Chair)



Friends of Marsh Park & Lawyers Field

Lorna Morrison (Chair)



Friends of Silver Jubilee Park

Brenda Gittins (Chair



Friends of Homer Hill Park

Val Bloomer (Chair)


For further Information, please see Friends Information Pack below.