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Dudley Schools Forum

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It has been a statutory requirement since 2003 that Local Authorities establish a Schools Forum for their area. 

The Dudley Schools Forum is a body compromising of representatives of maintained schools and academies and early years providers together with other local partners and stakeholders. 

The Forums role is both consultative and advisory.

The extent to which Schools Forums can scrutinise and challenge such proposals is an important aspect of their effectiveness.

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Information for members includes dates of meetings, Forum minutes and agendas, current membership, constitution, Decision Sheets, Budget Fact Sheets, Training and Literature






 Awaiting DfE updates July 2018.



Next Meetings

2 October 2018, 6pm TBC

6 November 2018, 6pm TBC

4 December 2018, 6pm TBC

29 January 2019, 6pm TBC

5 March 2019, 6pm TBC

26 March 2019, 6pm TBC

25 June 2019, 6pm TBC


Chair of Schools Forum:
Mr Len Ridney-Primary Governor

Vice Chair of Schools Forum:
Mrs Ruth Wylie-Primary Headteacher

Clerk to Schools Forum: 
Karen Taylor

01384 818116

Lead for Education Outcomes Services:
Sue Butcher

01384 814200

Strategic Director People:

Martin Samuels

01384 815800

Lead Officer: 
Sue Coates
01384 814217

Website Administrator:

Toni Atilgan

01384 811398

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