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Social enterprise in Dudley

Dudley Council supports the growth of social enterprises within the borough

Our aim is to do what we can to ensure that such ventures not only start well but remain in business for the long term.

Social enterprises come in many shapes and size and are businesses that trade for social and community purpose. Social enterprises have clear rules about what is done with profits, reinvesting these to further the ‘social mission’.

As a community council, Dudley is committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of social enterprises in the borough, as part of our wider plans for evolving stronger communities and also the economic regeneration of the borough.

Social enterprises represent a great diversity of business ventures ranging from those that support personal health, those that support vulnerable people (for example through job experience), to those that look after the environment. They operate like any other business , except that they are motivated by a sense of community benefit and social value, instead of financial profit.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is defined by the Government’s Cabinet Office as:

“a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally re-invested for that purpose in the business or the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners”.

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"There are approximately 70,000 social enterprises in the UK contributing at least £24b to the economy.

They are estimated to employ around 800,000 people. Locally, however, estimates suggest there are around 300 in Dudley, which means the sector is under-represented.”

Social Enterprise UK

Advice and guidance

It is possible to access different forms of advice and guidance depending on what is needed – help to develop  an idea; help to develop a business plan; help to research potential markets and routes to market; where to get finance from; what kind of incorporation suits the venture.

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Sources of financial help

Sources of financial help may be available to your social enterprise.

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Supporting social enterprise

Dudley CVS

Dudley Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) acts as an umbrella body for the community and voluntary sector in Dudley borough and is one of more than 280 CVS organisations promoting effective voluntary action throughout England.

Supporting social enterprise

Pulse Regeneration

Pulse Regeneration is a specialist social enterprise and community regeneration consultancy.

Social enterprise support

Advice from BITC

BITC provide a business connector for the Dudley area, who can offer not only his own expertise in business mentoring and challenge but also able to connect you to a very wide network of other potential sources of help. 


Andrew Mullaney on

07834 945827

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