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Working at Dudley Council

Renowned for providing excellent public services

Dudley Council is committed to making sure local people receive the best possible public services. We are here to serve the people of Dudley and work as efficiently as we can to improve the quality of life for everyone. 

As an organisation we are responsible for spending local people’s money to provide essential services. We fully recognise the seriousness of these obligations.  Only by being a truly local council can we fulfil these commitments.

Our ambition

To make Dudley Council amongst the best local authorities in Britain; one we can all be proud of

A council that:

  • regularly punches its weight as one of the largest local authorities in Britain

  • is at the forefront of new ideas and is one of the most innovative local authorities in Britain

  • has a solid reputation for delivering excellence for the people it serves

A borough of opportunity, where our young people will be able to compete for jobs in a wider and increasingly competitive global economy

Our vision

Dudley Council is renowned for providing excellent public services

There is a tremendous amount of talent within the council and we are confident that we can achieve our goals and put the borough of Dudley in its rightful place - firmly on the national map of local authority excellence.

As Dudley Council, we are committed to:

  • listening to what local people say

  • responding to what local people tell us

  • being accountable for our performance

  • providing value for money

Our local priorities

We have identified seven local priorities, each underpinned by objectives in the Council Plan

  • Young people - Giving every child the best start in life, a borough where young people are able to achieve, and fulfil their potential.

  • Regeneration, skills and employment - Enable all young people and adults to maximise their capabilities, a borough that will focus on creating an environment that supports businesses and attracts new industries to provide apprenticeships and jobs for local people.

  • Tackling crime, fear of crime and anti social behaviour - Local business and residents have safety and security, a borough where people are safe, and feel safe enjoying a sense of freedom from crime and antisocial behaviour.

  • Caring for the elderly and vulnerable - Ensure people live their lives with dignity and respect, a borough where the elderly and vulnerable have fair access to services which supports independence and quality of life.

  • Health and wellbeing - Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention, a borough where people enjoy good health, wellbeing and are supported to make healthy choices for a more active lifestyle.

  • Cleaner, greener and environmentally friendly - Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities, a borough where people care for a natural built environment that is attractive, healthy and safe; and live in homes suitable to their needs and wishes.

  • People being served better - Giving local people customer friendly and responsive services, a borough where people enjoy greater choice and flexibility to access high quality council services.

Working at the council

Community council

We are committed to being a ‘community council’ and want to encourage better communication with our residents.

In order to develop as your ‘community council’ we are changing the way we do things.  This includes being open to working with the community and the voluntary sector to establish ways of delivering value for money services.

Love your community

Love your community offers residents a chance to make a real difference in the area where you live.

Being an active part of the community benefits everyone so love your community helps to get people involved in community activities, and explains how to report incidents that the council needs to be aware of.

The council plan

The council plan outlines our philosophy and sets out the key priorities that shape the services that we provide.  It provides a common purpose, a core around which the wide ranging activities of our directorates and partnerships are linked and support one another to achieve these goals.


Not just any borough, this is Dudley borough

We are incredibly proud of our council and the borough it serves; it’s a unique and very special place.  We know that if you come and join us at the authority you’ll receive a warm welcome, work with some very loyal and committed colleagues and contribute positively to making life better for our residents, businesses and visitors.