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Commercial Waste - Disposal Sites

Disposal of commercial waste is the responsibility of the business owner.

Council Operated Disposal Site

Dudley Council operates a Household waste recycling centre for the use of Dudley Borough Residents to dispose of their household waste. This facility is situated off Birmingham Street (A458) at Stourbridge.

As of 1 October 2009, the Household Waste Recycling Centre no longer accepts trade or commercial waste.

Please note that there is a height barrier set at 6'-6" (1.98 metres) at the entrance to the car park complex, and vehicles not able to physically access the site cannot offload waste.

Local Landfill Sites

Information on outlets for commercial/trade waste can be found in the yellow pages under the "Waste Disposal" heading. You will need to look for companies that operate a Waste Transfer Station.

There are also three major landfill sites in the area, however only vehicles equipped with independent, mechanical tipping facilities are able to utilise these sites under health and safety regulations.

Waste Carriers Licence

Anyone operating a waste carrying business is required by law to have a Waste Carriers Licence.  These can be obtained from the Environment Agency

If you are a trader carrying commercial/trade waste you will need a waste carriers licence. You will not be allowed to use the disposal facilities at off Birmingham Street (A458) at Stourbridge without presenting this licence. For more information or to obtain a licence please contact the Environment Agency on Tel: 08708 506 506.

Please note that severe penalties can be imposed if caught operating without a waste carriers licence.

Consignment Notes

Any movement of commercial/trade waste requires a consignment note by law. This is supplied at the civic amenity site and is included in the charges. On attending the site you should report to a site operator and declare that you have a commercial/trade waste load and that a consignment note is required.

Recycling Locations

Commercial/trade waste cannot be taken to the household waste Recycling Centres.

Advice and Guidance

If any advice or guidance on the disposal of commercial/trade waste or hazardous waste can be obtained as per the contact details below.

Landfill Site Register

The council provides access to its database of closed landfill sites. You can select an address and the current mapping for that location is displayed along with the boundary of any landfill site recorded. Then you can view the data sheet associated with any landfill site shown which provides summary information.

Further Information

For further information on landfill sites, please see the following links:


Contact Details

  • Name Commercial Waste and Recycling, Environmental Management
  • Address Directorate of the Urban Environment, Waste Care, Lister Road Depot, Lister Road, Dudley, West Midlands
  • Telephone 01384 814788