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Public Advice

The Civil Contingencies Act places a duty on local authorities to give advice to the public in order that they may prepare themselves for an emergency situation.

In order to ensure that the Council comply with this the Resilience & Emergency Planning section have produced a booklet which is available to download to advise people how to prepare for these situations.

Everyone should be aware that emergencies can affect individuals, families and communities without warning.  The Council and Government ask all members of the community to be aware of the possibility of emergencies occurring within the locality of their homes, workplace, educational establishments or within their social activities. 

Further information

In Case of Emergency (ICE) card

If you are involved in an emergency situation and are unable to give rescuers your details it is suggested you do one of two things to help yourself in these instances.

:: more on the ICE card

The Crisis Support Team (CST)

The aim of the Crisis Support Team (CST) is to provide a local response to minimise the social and psychological consequences of major incidents.

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Community resilience

Please click on the link below for further information on community resilience:

Guide for communities