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The Chartered Trading Standards Institute's Business Companion website provides comprehensive, free guidance for businesses who need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation.  Topics covered within the Business Companion website include underage sales, food and drink, product safety and activities regarding animals, agriculture, weights and measures and other business information.

(You can also contact us via our Business Advice line 01384 814997, please note however that we do not offer businesses contractual advice.  For such matters you will need to contact a solicitor or relevant trade body if you are a member.)

Referrals and Contact Us

Our trading standards team relies on information from members of the public, businesses and organisations to catch criminals who trade in illegal goods and use scams to target vulnerable people.

The issues we need you to tell us about:

  • The sale of counterfeit or illegally-imported tobacco and cigarettes

  • Traders calling on vulnerable residents to offer gardening, roofing and driveway work etc.

  • Supplying counterfeit goods

  • Traders exploiting vulnerable residents by selling them over priced or mis-described goods or services

  • Traders supplying age restricted products e.g. tobacco, alcohol, knives or fireworks, to children

  • Illegal money lending activity - known as loan sharks (matter will be passed to the national illegal money lending team)

If you can provide information about the sale of illegal goods or scams, please let us know.
Do not use the form for supplying information if you need advice or for making a consumer complaint - this form is just for reporting an issue listed above which may provide Trading Standards with intelligence to be investigated.

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If you need advice or wish to make a consumer complaint please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service.

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