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Dudley Council prides itself on listening to local people. We want to understand what you want and work with you to deliver quality, value for money services.

As a council, our key objectives are:

  •     To be amongst the best local authorities in Britain

  •    To regularly punch our weight as one of the largest local authorities in Britain

  •     To be ahead of the game as one of Britain’s most innovative councils     

To help deliver these objectives we are committed to being your ‘community council’ and want to encourage better communication with our residents.

In order to develop as your ‘community council’ we are changing the way we do things:

1)  Your local elected councillors want you to have your say through our newly formed community forums

2)  We are committed to dedicating time to proper and meaningful consultation and listening to the views of our residents. This started with our Big Question on council tax 2013 – the biggest consultation in the council’s history.

3)  We are open to working with the community and the voluntary sector to establish ways of delivering value for money services. We aim to embrace community engagement

4)  We are committed to encouraging the growth of a social enterprise culture and helping residents save money on energy bills through the Dudley Energy Switching Scheme.

As part of our commitment to listening to your views and shaping services around your priorities we are asking you to: 

  • Sign up to our new phone survey by sending your telephone number to community.council@dudley.gov.uk and we may call you in the future to get your views on the services you receive.

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