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Elections and the voting process

Electoral Services are responsible for organising all elections held in the Borough.

Local Elections

Dudley Metropolitan Borough is divided into 24 wards.  Each ward is represented by 3 councillors each serving a 4 year term of office.

The councillors are elected by thirds.  In 2004 all 72 seats were up for re-election and the three candidates with the most votes were elected as members as follows:

The candidate who came third was elected for a term of two years

The candidate who came second was elected for a term of three years and the winning candidate was elected for a term of four years.

Local Elections are held in 3 out of 4 years.  There is an election for one councillor to each of the 24 wards on the first Thursday in May of each election year. 

Please see the How to become a councillor page or visit  the Electoral Commission's website

Parliamentary Elections

Parliamentary elections are held to vote MP’s into the House of Commons.  There is no set term for parliamentary elections, however a parliamentary election has to take place within five years of the last election.  The last Parliamentary Election took place in May 2010, the next Parliamentary Election has to be held by 2015.


By-elections are held if a councillor or MP resigns or dies during the term of office.

European Parliamentary Elections

European elections are held every 5 years to elect MP’s to serve in the European Parliament. 

Select the highlighted link for further details of The last European election was held on 22nd May 2014 , the next one will take place in 2019.  The results and further information about the 2014 European elections are available from Birmingham City Council