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Temping at the council

Temp Solutions banner

Temp Solutions is Dudley Council’s very own in-house staffing agency, which provides casual worker support across the Council.

Temp Solutions manages a bank of casual staff that are utilized across the whole council. The main areas of work available through Temp Solutions are:

  • Administrative & clerical assistants

  • Customer services - front line and back office operatives

  • Secretarial and PAs

  • Drivers - non HGV

  • Gardeners

  • Cleaners  

As the need for casual work fluctuates the dates, times and nature of any work you may be offered will vary to meet the needs of our services. Wherever possible Temp Solutions will provide you with a minimum of 24 hours notice of an offer of work, although in some cases the offer may be on an immediate or ‘same day’ basis.