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Dudley Youth Service: For young people, by young people with young people

Dudley Youth Service's aim:

Dudley Youth Service builds relationships with young people aged 11 to 19 (up to 25 for young people with a disability) in order to develop their personal and social skills.  The service provided is delivered within the budget provided by Dudley Council and aims to meet the national targets set by the Department of Education. At the heart of our service is the involvement of young people.

Who will be Dudley's UK Youth Parliament representatives for 2017 -2019?


 The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better. Run by young people for young people, UKYP provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

The Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected by their peers and are offered a number of local, regional and national opportunities to influence decisions which affect young people’s lives.

In Dudley we have two places on the UKYP and will be holding our election from Monday January 30th until Sunday 12th February 2017 (inclusive) across schools, colleges, PRUs, youth centres, and other organisations across the Borough.   

If you would like to host a ballot box please contact me on the details below and we can agree the best way for your organisation to get as many votes as possible.

Darren Foley, Officer for Youth Empowerment, Dudley Youth Service

01384 815172 / 07827 836969 or email darren.foley@dudley.gov.uk / ukyp@dudley.gov.uk

Dudley Youth Council (DYC) Candidate Day 2017

Are you interested in becoming a Member of Dudley Youth Council?

Dudley Youth Council is a group of local young people aged between 11 and 19 (and up to 25 for those with a disability) who represent young people’s views and work towards improving things for young people in the borough.

We are looking for inspired, dedicated and active young people aged 11-19 who live, learn or work in the Dudley Borough to join next year’s youth council. DYC is not about party politics or just for those interested in politics. It is about ISSUES facing young people and trying to make things better for young people in our area. 

So what do youth councillors do?

  • Consult young people in the Dudley Borough about current issues.
  • Convey young people’s views and meet with decision makers in our area.
  • Comment on and influence services in Dudley that affect young people.
  • Work with all other members of the youth council including UK Youth Parliament representatives.
  • Meetings cannot achieve results alone so youth councillors do some work between meetings and communicate with other young people, professionals and councillors. 


What are the benefits? 

The role can be quite demanding and time consuming, but is very rewarding. You will develop greater confidence, get to know other young people who have similar interests to you, gain an understanding of local government, meetings and business skills.

 During the Candidate Day participants will find out more about DYC, take part in tasks and have the chance to vote for who they feel do well. We then add up all of these votes up and the people with the most will become members of the DYC.

The Youth Service Youth Offer

Dudley Youth Service will offer provision via two clearly identified key areas of work – Universal and Targeted. 


Universal youth work focuses delivery on identified national and local needs. Young people’s involvement in decision making will be encouraged and supported.  

Universal provision will be delivered via joint working with partners and work in schools.  Universal services will support the work of the targeted team and will also continue to work in partnership with other agencies to continuously develop provision for young people.

Targeted Offer

Dudley Council’s targeted youth support aims to ensure that the needs of vulnerable teenagers are identified early and met by agencies working together effectively – in ways that are shaped by the views and experiences of young people themselves.

There are seven key elements of targeted support.

For more detailed information about the Youth Offer, download the Youth Offer document below.