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Dudley Youth Service: For young people, by young people with young people

Dudley Youth Service's aim:

Dudley Youth Service builds relationships with young people aged 11 to 19 (up to 25 for young people with a disability) in order to develop their personal and social skills.  The service provided is delivered within the budget provided by Dudley Council and aims to meet the national targets set by the Department of Education. At the heart of our service is the involvement of young people.

UK Youth Parliament and Dudley Youth Council Election Turnout 2015

One of the indicators of best practice for a youth council (called Youth Voice Vehicles within the national assessment toolkit) is whether there is a 25% turnout for the elections. This year, 6,940 young people voted in the UK Youth Parliament Elections and 4408 young people voted in the youth council elections which means:

26% of young people voted in the UK Youth Parliament elections this year (up by approximately 400 votes from 2 years ago) which is excellent.  16% of young people voted in the youth council elections (up by approximately 4,350 votes from any other year).

Positive Stories by Young People

Attached below are documents giving details of how the Youth Service has positively impacted on their lives.

The Youth Service Youth Offer

Dudley Youth Service will offer provision via two clearly identified key areas of work – Universal and Targeted. 


Universal youth work focuses delivery on identified national and local needs. Young people’s involvement in decision making will be encouraged and supported.  

Universal provision will be delivered via joint working with partners and work in schools.  Universal services will support the work of the targeted team and will also continue to work in partnership with other agencies to continuously develop provision for young people.

Targeted Offer

Dudley Council’s targeted youth support aims to ensure that the needs of vulnerable teenagers are identified early and met by agencies working together effectively – in ways that are shaped by the views and experiences of young people themselves.

There are seven key elements of targeted support.

For more detailed information about the Youth Offer, download the Youth Offer document below.

Please contact us if you require any information or have any queries or contact staff directly by going to the Universal or Targeted pages.