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Online Payments & Enquiries

You can pay your Housing payments (housing rent, garage rent, contents insurance) Council tax, Business rates, Parking fines or any other invoices/fines on-line with your debit or credit card through online payments.

Alternatively, you can pay by phone using your Debit or Credit Card using our CallPay automated payments system on 0300 555 7000. 

Payments made by credit card, except for fines, will have a charge of 1.2% added to all payment amounts.

The Payments facility is not available from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm, Monday to Saturday.


To enhance the security of our online payments service and maintain compliance, this service will be no longer accept connections from older web browsers after Friday 27th November.

We recommend that users update their Web Browsers to the latest versions available in order to continue using this service.