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Latest housing news

International Fraud Awareness Week  12 – 18 November 2017

As part of International Fraud Awareness Week the council is urging residents to report any suspicious activity that could be housing fraud.

Those who commit housing fraud deprive others who are eligible and in need of housing. Anyone caught committing housing fraud risk losing their tenancy and repaying any unlawful profits gained and may also face criminal charges.

You may be suspicious of another tenant if you think they have another home, if you’ve seen them collect rent from a neighbour, if other people seem to be living at the property, or if new people move into a property.

: More information.

Dog ownership

Consultation on ownership of dogs in council and leasehold properties.

Dudley Council is introducing a new policy about dog ownership in council properties and wants your views?

The new policy will cover many aspects of dog ownership including:

  • Ownership in high rise flats

  • Rules about how many dogs and what size

  • Health of dogs and responsible ownership

  • The law regarding chipping and ID tags

  • Dog fouling

Have your say about our new draft Dogs Policy by completing this online survey

Winter Warmth Support Service

Our winter warmth scheme aims to keep people who may be struggling to heat their homes in winter warm, cosy and well.  A range of practical support, advice and assistance is on offer, to help people keep their homes and themselves warm and well over the winter months. Anyone worried about heating their homes, paying their fuel bills, keeping their homes warm, or keeping well and in touch with others during the winter can ask for help from the scheme.

Shared Lives Care Scheme

Shared Lives is an innovative scheme, run by Dudley Council which offers adults with care or support needs (such as a learning disability), the opportunity to live as part of a family unit.

Shared Lives is an alternative to home care or care homes for adults in need of support. The scheme provides personalised, quality care or support from carers who share their lives and homes with the people they support.

New build council homes

In 2014 housing chiefs in Dudley committed to invest over £40 million on creating around 350 brand new council homes over the next five years. The new homes are a response to the increasing demand for affordable housing across Dudley borough.  The construction of the new properties has begun.


Get ready for Universal Credit

The benefits system is changing and many benefits are being phased out and replaced by Universal Credit.


Dudley's Big Switch

With gas and electricity prices more than doubling in less than seven years and with this trend set to continue, borough residents are urged to sign up to Dudley’s big switch and potentially save money on their energy bills.


No wait council properties

Housing services have a number of 2+ bedroom properties available for immediate rent to potential tenants. These properties are available throughout the borough and include houses, low rise flats, high rise flats and bungalows.


Do you have a spare room?

Dudley Council is supporting the YMCA Open Door campaign to recruit families in the Dudley borough who can offer a temporary home to a young person in need.  The temporary accommodation could be for a few nights or on a longer term basis.

If you could provide support to a young person or would like more information call 0121 524 1950 or e-mail opendoor@ymcabc.org.uk

Home Affairs

Our Home Affairs newsletter is published three times a year and distributed to tenants and leaseholders in the Dudley borough. The Home Affairs editorial panel includes tenants, leaseholders and housing officers.