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Children Missing from Education (CME)

School aged children residing in Dudley have the right to receive an education and the vast majority of children are doing so.

However, there are a number of ways in which a child can fall out of the school system and hence become missing from education, including:

  • moving to a new area and not registering at a new school
  • failing to complete a transition to a new school (e.g. between primary and secondary
  • ceasing to attend school
  • being excluded from school
  • being unofficially removed from a school roll
  • never entering the system at statutory school age


Dudley MBC is concerned about any child or young person who does not have access to education.

In 2004, the Ofsted Out of School Report estimated that at any given time, there were approximately 10 000 children missing from education in the UK. These children can be amongst the most vulnerable in the country, and it is essential that all services work together, across all local authorities to identify and re-engage these children back into appropriate education provision as quickly as possible.

If you are aware of a child who is not receiving education, then please inform Dudley MBC.

Who to Contact

  • If you have moved into Dudley and have school aged children who need a school place , contact the School Admissions
  • If  your child has been excluded from school and you need some advice, contact the Exclusion Officer
  • If you know of a child who is missing from education we need to know. Please contact us by telephoning 01384 811703 or by emailing us using our general enquiries online form.


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  • Children Missing Education Policy [pdf / 204KB] In 2002, the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) set a target in its strategic framework requiring each local authority to ensure that robust multi-agency systems are in place to identify, and track children missing education or at risk of doing so.  This policy is intended to inform such agencies about their role in assisting to identify, maintain contact with and re-engage these children in education.