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Animal Health & Welfare

New measures to protect poultry against Avian Flu

From Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Animal and Plant Health Agency First published: 6 December 2016.

The Chief Veterinary Officer has declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to help protect poultry from a strain of Avian Flu in Europe.   A copy of the Prevention Zone is attached for your information and full details are on the .Gov website.

This Prevention Zone introduces mandatory enhanced biosecurity measures and requires the immediate and compulsory housing of domestic chickens, hens, turkeys and ducks, or where this is not practical, their complete separation from contact with wild birds. For farmed geese, game birds and other captive birds, keepers should take practical steps to keep these birds separate from wild birds. The zone covers England and will remain in place for 30 days.

Outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) have been confirmed in poultry and wild birds in several countries across Europe. No cases of H5N8 have been found in the UK and this order is a precautionary measure to help prevent potential infection from wild birds.  Public Health England advises that the threat to human health remains very low.  Defra is continuing to monitor the situation closely and has increased its surveillance activity, while keepers are being urged to reinforce biosecurity measures on their premises.

Although Defra and APHA are not expecting increased local authority activity there will undoubtedly be more calls to local authorities.  Local Authorities and staff are asked to publicise this precautionary measure and encourage keepers to comply with the Prevention Zone

The Environment Safety and Health section are responsible for ensuring satisfactory animal welfare standards within the Borough.

Issuing licenses and registrations for dealing with animals

In order to protect animal welfare the following types of premises dealing with live animals needs to be licensed or registered.

Business Link provide a Licence and Permit Checklist to help you find out which licences, permits and registrations your business may need.

Complaints and Advice

We will investigate complaints of poor animal welfare or conditions in a commercial business within the Borough.

If you have a general concern about the welfare of an animal, and want to complain about a business in Dudley Borough, please can use the Animal Welfare Advice and Complaints form.

Alternatively you can report the matter directly to the RSPCA

Animal Licensing including pet shops, kennels and catteries, riding schools, zoos, dog breeding establishments and dangerous wild animals. 

Inspection of businesses that deal with live animals

Businesses will be inspected as a routine part of the licensing process, this inspection may be undertaken with a vet should the officers decide that it is necessary.

Investigation of complaints relating to animal welfare in businesses

An Officer will investigate complaints of poor animal welfare or conditions in a commercial business within the Borough.

If you want to complain about a business in Dudley Borough please see the contact details at the bottom of the page. 

Dudley Council's Animal Welfare Charter

Information and guidance on animal health and welfare

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Section as per the contact details at the bottom of this page. If you request advice please state exactly what information you require.

Alternatively visit www.defra.gov.uk where you will find comprehensive information on animal health including animal movement licence forms.

Information on Badgers and Wild Animals

Badger and wild animal advice and information can be found by visiting Natural England’s website http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/

Dog Welfare and Control

The Council can provide advice on a range of Dog Welfare and Control issues.


Contact Details

  • Name Environmental Safety and Health
  • Address People Directorate, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 1HL
  • Telephone 0300 555 2345