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Council Tax Reduction Scheme


Council Tax Reduction (CTR) schemes reduce the amount of Council Tax that low income households have to pay to the council.

When the national Council Tax Benefit (CTB) scheme was abolished in April 2013 all councils had the freedom to design their own schemes for working age households, although the rules for pensioners remained the same. 

As part of this change the funding received from the government to support these schemes was also cut.

This means the council has had to make some very difficult decisions about the amount of help it can make available to residents on low income. Over the last few years it has become necessary to cut the level of support that the council has been able to afford.

Decision on the scheme for 2017/18

From April 2017 all working age households will now have to pay at least 22% towards their council tax bill. Pensioner households receiving CTR will still be protected from any scheme change under government regulations.

2018/19 scheme consultation

The consultation is now closed. Thank you for your responses.