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Household support fund

This scheme is to help if you are struggling to pay your bills due to the cost of living increases - Household support fund application.

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Make an application for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

Who can apply?

Dudley borough is a full service Universal credit area. That means that most working age customers will need to make a claim for their housing costs through Universal credit. 

Message from DWP if you are applying for Universal Credit during COVID-19

DWP are extremely busy with the huge upsurge in claims for benefits following the Corona-19 outbreak. All online claims are currently being verified over the telephone and there are a high number of customers who are not answering their phone due to the call coming from a ‘private’, ‘number withheld’ or ‘0800’ numbers that they are using. If you have a claim for benefits, please be aware of this and answer any calls, you can hang up if it’s not DWP and you don’t want to speak to them.

DWP is aware of customers trying to reach them for re-assurance on their claim but they would like to concentrate on calling you so please only call if you are unable to use UC online. The DWP staff are working 7-days a week to process claims into payment and the more customers they get through to first time the quicker they can work through payments and advances. In relation to security, DWP will send customers a message via their UC Journal advising them they will be calling them soon and when on the call DWP will provide digits from their UC Account Number and the customer’s postcode, so they know it is a genuine DWP call.

Check for eligibility

If you are not able to claim Universal credit you may be able to make an application for Housing Benefit if you live in the Dudley Borough, pay rent and you:

  • are a pensioner living alone or you are a couple and you are both pensionable age
  • live in supported accommodation
  • live in temporary accommodation

You may be able to claim if you meet the criteria for a disability premium. Please telephone for more information.

All borough residents can, in addition, apply for Council Tax Reduction if you:

If you think you may be entitled to apply for Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction, you can check to see if you qualify by using the Benefits calculator before making a claim.

If you think you are eligible then please apply as soon as possible, if you delay, you may lose out on benefit.

How to apply?

There are a number of easy ways to help you to make a claim. You can apply in any of the following ways:

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction online

The quickest, easiest and most convenient way to apply for benefit.

If you do not have internet access yourself, please note that there is public access to internet computers within Dudley Council Plus and Dudley Libraries.

Please note: If you are helping someone else to apply they must be with you at the time the application is made.


Any evidence required in support of your application can be uploaded at the same time you complete the form, or, emailed to us at Emailing can be done via a smartphone, by taking a clear photograph of the evidence, or if you have a scanner, scan the evidence and email it. The evidence checklist at the end of your completed application will provide you with the details we require. However, there may be certain instances where we require original documentation, if this is requested, please post this to us. An extension on the timescales may be allowed in these circumstances.

Over the telephone with one of our Benefit Advisors

If you would like to apply over the telephone, please contact Benefits Services call 0300 555 8100.