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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

On Thursday 4th May 2017 voters in the West Midlands voted in the first ever election for a West Midlands Mayor.

The Mayor will work with the Local Authority Leaders and National Government to ensure powers and responsibilities move from Westminster to the West Midlands. The Mayor will be integral to driving economic growth and creating a more prosperous region for its residents and businesses.

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) was established in June last year. Authorities work together with local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) on major transport, land, skills, and regeneration projects that are important to the whole region.

Party Candidate 1st Round 2nd Round
Conservative Andy Street - ELECTED 216,280 (41.9%) 238,628 (50.4%) after transfers
Labour Co-op Siôn Simon 210,259 (40.8%) 234,862 (49.6%) after transfers
Liberal Democrat Beverley Nielsen 30,378 (5.9%)
UK Independence Party Pete Durnell 29,051 (5.6%)
Green James Burn 24,260 (4.7%)
Communist Graham Stevenson 5,696 (1.1%)
Turnout 523,201 (26.7%)