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The Building Control service of Dudley council is responsible for ensuring the compliance with The Building Regulations. In order to maintain the level of site inspection service, requests for Building Control Site Inspections should be made no later than 4.00pm one working day before the inspection is required.

What is Building Control?

Building Regulations are designed to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of people in and around buildings, the conservation of fuel power and water and the accessibility to and facilities within buildings

It should be noted that The Building Regulations are entirely separate from The Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Some of the matters covered by the Building Regulations include :

  • Structural Stability

  • Fire Safety

  • Environmental Comfort

  • Water and energy Efficiency

  • Access and facilities within buildings

The following areas do not form part of the Building Regulations:

  • Planning Approval or Advice

  • The Party wall act

  • Boundary disputes

  • Damage to third party property

The Building Regulation also cover what is considered to be Building Works, how applications should be made, the duties and responsibilities of people involved, the actual technical requirements and what can be done without notifying the local authority, sometimes referred to as Exempt Works.

Building Works and Exempt works pages

Other legislation that effects building works that is not administered by Dudley Council can include :

  • The Party Wall Act 1996. This deals with formal agreements and appropriate notification periods for people intending to work near or on a property boundary.

    National guide on party walls

  • The Water Industry ( Schemes for Adoption of Private Sewers ) Regulations 2011. This deals with the ownership of foul and storm water drainage, where ownership is transferred to the waste water undertaker. In such cases where your property is effected, you should consult with your local undertaker for an application to build over or near a sewer in their possession

The Building Control Service

The Building Control service will accept, assess and make decisions on applications submitted to it, to ensure the requirements of The Building Regulations are met by the proposals.

The service will also carry out site inspections during the course of a building project to verify compliance.

Upon satisfactory completion of the building works, a Completion Certificate will be issued when requested by the applicant.

This is a very important document should the building be sold, and so should be kept safe.

Guidance on the technical requirements of the regulations can be found on our guidance page.

The Building Control Service also contains Dudley Council's Access Officer who can offer advice and guidance on accessibility issues, the Equality Act 2010, and related documentation

The Building Control Service also includes Dudley Councils Land Contamination Team who deals with issues relating to land contamination and quality within the borough; they are consulted as part of major development applications and can provide information to the public or developers on the known areas and types of contamination within the borough.

  • Planning Help Desk
    Building Control, Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Place, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1HL

    Telephone: 01384 814136
    Out of Hours Telephone: 01384 814136 (24 hours) 

  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday, 8:45 am to 5:00pm, please note that the offices are closed at weekends and Bank Holidays.