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Commercial Waste (Trade Waste)

As a business owner it is your responsibility to keep waste to a minimum by doing everything you can to prevent, reuse or recycle your commercial waste. To ease this responsibility we are able to offer a chargeable service to collect and dispose of your waste.

Waste Collection

There are various options for commercial waste collection to suit your business. Ranging from waste sacks, euro bins, and one-off special collections.

Disposal Sites

Depending on the type of waste your business produces, you can send your commercial waste to a private recycling centre or landfill site.

Public Bins & Recycling

Find more information on bins, recycling, and waste services for residents of the Dudley borough.

The services we offer are chargeable as they are not included in your Business Rates, and varies from the type of provision you require to suit your business needs. For example, a small business only requiring a few waste sacks, or a special one-off collection will incur different costs to a large business requesting commercial wheelie or euro bins.

Business waste can be from any commercial activity, even if you only use part of your home for your business. However the waste from this part of your home cannot be disposed of with your normal household collections and will not be accepted at Household Waste Recycling Centres. You must therefore request an authorised service to collect and dispose of your waste responsibly.

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