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Energy Bills rebate

More information on the £150 energy bills rebate

Dudley Council
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Land and Property

As a major landowner in Dudley, the Council deals with an extensive assortment of both commercial and industrial lettings, together with sales of land and property for development.

Property Management and Valuations

The Property Management and Valuations Team provide a range of services related to the council’s land and property portfolio.

The Property Management side of the team is the focus of all landlord and tenant issues, including applications to purchase, lease or rent lend or property belonging to the council. They also deal with encroachments onto council land and the release of restrictive covenants.

The Property Management & Valuations Team also includes a team of Surveyors who carry out valuations and surveys of council land and property for a variety of reasons, including valuations for existing use, investigating possible alternative uses, to ascertain open market value, for insurance purposes and for reinstatement purposes. For the Finance department they re-value 1/5 of the council’s land and property assets each year, between January and March.

Main areas covered are;

  • Letting commercial property owned by the Council. Normally shops, on the open market, at terms and conditions as advertised, subject to contract.
  • Acquisition of land and property using a Compulsory Purchase Order, for either regeneration or planning ground.
  • The Council acquiring privately-owned land or property through voluntary acquisition rather than compulsory purchase.

Other areas covered by the team are acquisitions, disposals, council accommodation and compulsory purchase orders.

FAQs for purchasing Council Owned Land or Property

What happens if I want to buy Council owned land?

Firstly, we must decide if we want to sell or retain the area of land in question. This involves a long process of consultation within the Council before a decision is made and before any negotiations can take place.

Local Land Charges

The Local Land Charges Service is for people buying property and land within the Dudley Borough boundary. The service gives buyers information which may affect a particular property or plot of land.

We keep a register, which we update every day, to provide answers to any requests we receive for searches. We can also get relevant information from other council departments such as Planning, Building Inspectors, Environmental Services, Private Sector Housing and Highways.

Community Asset Transfer

The transfer of land or buildings from a public body (usually a local authority) to a community based organisation at less than market value.

Energy and carbon

Dudley council is committed to reducing the amount of energy used in our buildings and through functions such as street lighting and fleet. By reducing energy, carbon emissions are also reduced and the financial impact of increasing energy costs are mitigated.

Energy management is a functions that sits within Corporate Landlord service and is available to schools on a traded basis through the new Revolution Portal.

The council’s winter warmth team provide general energy efficiency advice to residents, including advice on tariff switching.