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Tenders and Contracts

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council arranges contracts for a wide variety of goods, services and works each year. We are interested in hearing from potential suppliers, and aim to aid assistance to companies wishing to provide the Council with goods, services or works.

Procurement Opportunities

Discover how you can find a range of business opportunities within the Black Country. Including information on existing contracts and review dates.

E-Tendering - Tender for business with us

Register with In-tend, our online e-tendering system for easy access to tender for new business opportunities and contracts.

Procurement Information

How we procure goods, services and works and details of the procurement information that we publish.

Working with Us

We are keen to work with suppliers, service providers, local businesses and SME's.

We follow the principles of equal opportunities in all its business undertakings, and believe that any business could supply the Council regardless of the size of the company. The business could range from a large multi-national organisation to a sole trader, both ends of the range will be able to offer advantages and opportunities that we would be able to utilise.

It is our intention to inform interested parties about tenders and contracts, the procedures that we are required to follow, and background information that we hope will enable potential suppliers of goods, services and works, to gain a better knowledge of how the Council works and what their expectations are, and hopefully obtain business from the Council.

If you are interested, we would love to chat.

Email us at