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Helping people find trusted information... on their doorstep.

The community information point network is a new initiative which provides residents with current, clear, useful and impartial community information, from a trusted location on their doorstep in their local community.

The network is made up of Dudley Council, Dudley Citizens Advice Bureau and Healthwatch Dudley. These partners work with and support local organisations (such as libraries, pharmacies, churches and community groups) that have become community information points.

The network offers information and support to local residents, with the information points being located across Dudley borough, in places that people already visit to find information, or services.

The information points are staffed by fully trained and trusted information champions. An information champion is a member of staff, a community leader or a volunteer from an information point organisation.

Community information points provide people with friendly and impartial support, information and referral details for things like health services, wellbeing and social care support, local charities, or can help people understand where to go for benefits advice, or assistance with debts or money management. The aim is to help residents find information and support locally, in a worry and hassle free way. This should help people avoid getting into crisis situations.

Visit your local community information point for all kinds of local information and support from a trusted location, on your doorstep.

To find your local community information point click on the link below.