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Business Rates Rateable Value Appeals

All businesses have a rateable value which broadly represents the annual rent the property could have been let for on the open market in 2015. This is assessed by the Valuation Office Agency - a part of the Inland Revenue. The rateable value for your premises is shown on your bill.

How can I appeal against my rating assessment?

It’s the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) that values all business properties for business rates, not the Council.  The valuation is based on information the VOA holds about your property. You can view and update this information at gov.uk/voa/valuation.

You can contact the VOA at gov.uk/contact-voa. If you are unable to use the online service you can also contact the VOA on 03000 501 501.

 The VOA is contacting businesses to request rental information to support the next revaluation of business rates in England and Wales – Revaluation 2023.

If you receive a request please complete and submit your up-to-date details. It is important to provide this information to ensure business rates are fair and accurate. You can find more information at gov.uk/voa/revaluation2023.

Who can appeal?

You can make a proposal if you are the occupier, agent, leaseholder, or owner of the property.

Grounds for an appeal

You can appeal against the rateable value for your property in the CURRENT rating list at any time before 1st April 2017 if:

  • You have reason to believe that the initial value shown in the list was wrong
  • There has been a 'material change of circumstances' which you believe effects the value of your property such as:
    • a change in its use
    • a physical change in the locality
    • a change in the use of a neighbouring property
  • The Valuation Officer has changed the value shown in the list, and you believe the new value is wrong
  • There has been a valuation tribunal or court decision on another property which you believe has a bearing on the rateable value of your property

You can also appeal if:

  • You think too much of your property is rated, or it should not be rated at all
  • You think your property should be rated in separate parts, or different properties should appear as one
  • You believe there is any other error in the list entry for your property, for example the address or description of the property is incorrect, or a change in rateable value is shown having effect from the wrong day.
  • The Valuation Office Agency 
    2 Broadway
    Broad Road
    B15 1BG

    Telephone: 0300 050 1501

    Appeals will be backdated to no earlier than the start of the current financial year.

    The Institute of Rating, Revenues and Valuation (IRRV) has published information about the likely timing of appeals.