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There are various commercial waste collections and services available to local businesses. They range from as many waste sacks as you require, to one-off collections, and various sized bins to suit your business needs.

To request a service please download and complete the document below. Once complete submit your application form along with other relevant documentation using the online form.

*Please note that commercial waste collections are not covered under your Business Rates and a service fee is required along with a transfer note for each collection.

Trade Waste Sacks

Trade waste sacks are available to customers who do not produce large amounts of waste, or are unable to accommodate a waste container.

There is no contract for these, and you can purchase as many sacks as you need. The fee includes collection of waste, disposal and VAT.

View fee information for trade waste sacks.

Special Trade Collections

We understand some businesses do not require regular collections, for this we offer ‘one-off’ special collections for infrequent or ad hoc waste. These are charged on a time or volume basis depending on the type and amount of waste to be collected:

  • Small Load (up to 10 bags)
  • Medium Load (up to 30 bags)
  • Large Load (up to 60 bags)
  • For larger loads an hourly rate is available, and a quotation will be needed by one of our officers

View fee information for special trade collections.

Euro Bins

For businesses that require a larger service, we offer 3 different sized euro bins. This service is priced on a "per emptying" basis and includes the hire of the container, collection and disposal of the waste and Vat.

  • 240 litre bin. Made our of moulded plastic, it has a hinged lid, two rear castors, and can hold approximately 2-3 sacks of waste.
  • 660 litre Euro bin. Can hold approximately 5-6 sacks of waste.
  • 1100 litre Euro bin. Can hold approximately 10-12 sacks of waste.

The 660 litre and 1100 litre bins are crafted from steel, have castor wheels, and a hinged lockable lid.

View fee information for euro bins.

Commercial Waste Spillage

Trade waste must be packed suitably in the containers provided so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the container and cause pollution or harm to anyone. It is the responsibility of the waste producer to ensure it is contained and secured properly at all times.

Reporting a spillage on the road

If you have had a commercial waste collection and there has been a spillage, or you witness/ discover a spillage please report it immediately using our online form.

Fee Information

See below for further information on commercial, and refuse charges: