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Some species of birds can create a nuisance. This may including noise, fouling, nesting, causing property damage, and can even lead to aggressive behaviour towards people.

All birds in England are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Ace 1981 and are enforced by the police. Therefore when dealing with nuisance birds it is an offence to do any of the following without a licence:

  • Catch alive
  • Poison
  • Take from a nest
  • Damage or destroy eggs
  • Harm, or attempt to harm in anyway
  • Kill

Dudley Council do not take action regarding pigeons or other wild birds, but our Pest Control service are more than happy to offer advice.

Animal Welfare

If you think someone may be keeping birds and are concerned about the welfare of the animals, such as the conditions they are living in, having water or food available, or a rare bird is being kept illegally. Please report your concern to the form below, and we will investigate any complaints.

Animal Welfare Advice and Complaints Form

Alternatively you can report the matter directly to the RSPCA.

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