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Catering Waste and Farm Animals

Feeding catering waste to farmed animals is illegal

It has been illegal to feed catering waste to farmed animals in the UK since 2001, and this ban was adopted by the whole European Community in 2003. If you are convicted of feeding catering waste to farmed animals you can be fined or sentenced to a maximum of two years in prison.

The law is there to help prevent outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and other animal diseases such as swine fever - catering waste can be a major source of these diseases.

You cannot feed any kind of catering waste to farmed animals. Catering waste is defined as all waste food, whether raw or cooked, including used cooking oils (UCO), which arise in premises such as:

  • Household kitchens

  • Restaurants

  • Fish and Chips/Pizza/Kebab shops

  • Takeaway shops

  • Canteens

  • Cafes; or

  • Vegetarian kitchens/restaurants

It also includes food waste from other premises (food factories, distribution warehouses etc.) that contains or has been in contact with animal by-products (such as raw eggs, meat, fish products) and this must not be fed to farmed animals.

'Farmed animals' includes any pet animals that belong to a farmed species, such as pet pigs, goats and poultry.

Where can catering waste be disposed of?

There are specific places that catering waste must go to for disposal, such as:

  • Licensed landfill sites (in accordance with the Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC)

  • Approved composting plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) no. 1774/2002)

  • Approved biogas plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation)

  • Incineration plants (approved under the Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC)

  • Approved rendering plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation)

Waste and your duty of care

If your business produces catering waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that this type of waste from your establishment is disposed of correctly. It must not contaminate the environment or be fed to farmed animals.

Commercial Waste

Dudley council provides a chargeable commercial waste service to businesses within the borough.

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