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Household Support Fund

Due to predicted high demand, applications for the Household Support Fund have now closed. Further support can be found on our Cost of Living and Household Support pages

The Dudley Safety Advisory Group has been set up to advise on safety matters, in an attempt to ensure that public safety is maintained at all events held in the Borough – however large or small. The group meets in the last week of every month.

This includes events held on the public highway. It should be borne in mind that any event on a public highway involves a significant amount of risk. If you are in any doubt about the safety of your event – do not hold it! The number one priority for event organisers must be to minimise the risk to participants’ and public safety. As well as the possible danger to people taking part and other road users, you also need to think about the inconvenience you may cause for pedestrians and traffic.

As organisers you are encouraged to consult with the Safety Advisory Group, who will be able to offer you advice in planning your event. In certain circumstances we may invite you to join one of our meetings to discuss your proposals further.

The group is made up of representatives from:

We consider all event notifications and offer advice and guidance to all parties concerned in the planning and organisation of events. Our advice is in addition to any legal requirements and government guidance, which you should also refer to.

Generally the police do not support any event that takes place on the highway due to the inherent dangers to public safety. The police may however make contingency plans to deal with any potential public safety issues as a result of your event taking place, and also take any action deemed necessary on the day of the event to resolve any public order issues that occur. You also need to be aware that there may be a charge for emergency services or local authority resources, should they be required. The safety concerns and advice given by the Safety Advisory Group to event organisers will be documented. If there is an incident resulting in court/public inquiry proceedings, we have an obligation to notify to any investigating authorities the safety advice given to you about your event.

For further information, please contact us as per the details below.

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