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Prosecutions Register for the Dudley Borough

A public register of prosecutions is maintained giving details of concluded prosecutions in accordance with the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988. We take into account the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and only publish prosecutions of individuals for the period during which the sentence is not spent. Otherwise, prosecutions are published for a period of 3 years. Please bear in mind that some offences may not come to our attention for some time and could have been committed many months ago. The business may now be trading legitimately, presenting no problem to consumers.

Where serious offences arise or there is a history of non-compliance, consideration will be given to pursuing prosecution. Examples of situations that could result in prosecution are:-

  • Non-compliance with an Enforcement Notice or other legal notice.
  • Breach of an authorisation/permit condition.
  • Where there is a history of non-compliance.
  • Operating a process requiring an authorisation/permit without one.
  • Obstruction of an authorised officer.

Our aim is to promote a fair and safe trading environment in the borough to protect the consumer and ensure that businesses are competing on a "level playing field". We also have responsibilities in the field of animal health.

We have signed up to the Government's "Regulators Code" which sets out principles of good practice in regulatory and enforcement activity.

Before we undertake any criminal proceedings in court we have to ensure that the case is in the public interest to prosecute. We may instead offer alleged offenders the opportunity to formally admit their guilt and accept a simple caution. Our Enforcement Policy and Charter sets out the sort of criteria we use when considering legal action, and is currently available for consultation on our internet.

View details of Prosecutions

Below is an A-Z listing of prosecutions in the borough. To search, you can enter the name of the business into the keyword search box below. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, please contact us by using the below contact form.

Defendant arrow_drop_up Court Decision Date
Bradley Lawrence Wolverhampton Crown Court 12 Month Community Order 120 hours unpaid Work £1080 compensation 03/01/2024
Christopher Kitson Wolverhampton Crown Court 18 month Community Order, 120 unpaid work, £8000 costs 13/10/2023
Christopher Quaife Wolverhampton Crown Court Guilty Plea 9 Months imprisonment suspended for 2 years/20 RAR days/120 hours unpaid work within 12 months 26/09/2023
D’Luxe Enterprises Ltd Dudley Magistrates’ Court Fined £5332 Costs £517 31/08/22
Eduart Cela Wolverhampton Crown Court 2 year community order 10 rehabilitation days, 240 unpaid community work 13/12/2023
Fairytales Day Nursery Ltd Wolverhampton Magistrates Court Guilty plea - Fined £2000 with £1013 costs 29/08/2019
Gary John Davies Wolverhampton Crown Court Guilty Plea 15 months imprisonment 29/06/2022
Green King Retail Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea - Fined £8000 with £2107 costs 24/02/2021
Ian French Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty pleas. £714 compensation, 18 week imprisonment suspended for 12 months, 6 Week Curfew commencing 28/7/23, £128 Victim Surcharge, £3000 costs 2/07/2023
JJS Mann Retail Ltd Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea. Fined £3000 with £100 costs 30/03/2022
Joanne Mann Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea. Fined £1500 with £990 costs 30/03/2022
Kam Cake Shop Ltd Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea to 4 offences 31/08/22
Karamapal Singh Virk Dudley Magistrates Court Fined £460.00 Costs £813.35 31/08/22
Lee Millard Wolverhampton Crown Guilty Plea 42 Months imprisonment 12/04/2023
Lee Westwood Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea. Fined £400 with costs £2230 02/03/2022
Liaqat Ali – T/A Leeds Car House General Product Safety Regulations 2005 Guilty Plea Fined £1620 Costs £8060 27/04/22
Nathan Lee Wolverhampton Crown Guilty Plea 32 Month Imprisonment £3000 Compensation 13/04/2023
Neil Law and Peter Mitchell T/A Olympus Gas Ltd Wolverhampton Crown Court £10 Fine 24/7/2023
Newsmarket (Midlands) Ltd Dudley Magistrates Court Guilty plea. Fined £27,00 with costs of £1982.70 06/04/2022
Paul HALE t/a Koolkustoms Wolverhampton Crown Court 2yrs, 150hrs unpaid work, 15 RAR days, £2500costs and £8650compensation, forfeiture of van 12/04/2023