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Private Property Compulsory Acquisition

Acquisition of land and property using a Compulsory Purchase Order, for either regeneration or planning ground.

Will the Council pay my costs?
Yes, reasonable fees for professional advice can be claimed in compensation settlement.

My business is being disrupted and I'm losing money, will I get compensation?
Loss of profits alone is unlikely to be a compensation claim.

I don't understand the documents I've been sent, who can I talk to?
The Council's Officers are unable to advise you. You should appoint your own solicitor and surveyor to look after your interests.

  • Booklet 1: Compulsory Purchase - Procedure
  • Booklet 2: Compensation to Business Owners and Occupiers
  • Booklet 3: Agricultural Owners/Occupiers
  • Booklet 4: Residential Owners/Occupiers
  • Booklet 5: Reducing the Adverse Effects of Public Development - Mitigation Works

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Booklets can be downloaded from Communities and Local Government website.