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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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Provision of Information

The information you give will be used by the Local Authority to process your application. It will be placed on the relevant public register and used to monitor compliance with the permit conditions. We may also use and or disclose any of the information you give us in order to:
  • Consult with the public, public bodies and other organisations,
  • Carry out statistical analysis, research and development on environmental issues,
  • Provide public register information to enquirers,
  • Investigate possible breaches of environmental law and take any resulting action,
  • Prevent breaches of environmental law,
  • Assess customer service satisfaction and improve our service.
We may pass on the information to agents/representatives who we ask to do any of these things on our behalf.
When providing information you should make sure that any information which you consider confidential is readily identifiable. It may assist the Council if any information you wish to be excluded from publication is submitted in a way which will allow it to be easily removed should your claim be granted. For example; on separate pages, marked "claimed confidential".