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Variations to Environmental Permits (Substantial Changes)

Environmental Permits have to be varied (amended) to take account of changes to installations and therefore operators are required to notify the council of changes to their processes.

What sort of changes should you tell the Council about?

If you plan to change or extend your operations you must give the Council written notice before the proposed change so that we can check if the change is authorised by your environmental permit. There is normally a legal requirement to do this contained within your permit. You may need to apply to the Council to vary your environmental permit to allow the change if it is likely that the proposed changes will require conditions within the permit to be amended or additional conditions to be added to the permit.

Substantial Changes

Applications for variations should be made for substantial and non substantial changes. A substantial change, which will incur a fee is defined as “ A change in operation which in the opinion of the Council may have significant effects on human beings or the environment.

How much does it cost to vary your permit?

Fees are required for the application for a permit, annual subsistence of the permit and transfers of the permit. The fee to vary your environmental permit will depend on the risk assessment for your activity is. The fees normally change annually so for this year's fees please view the fee information.

How do I apply to change my environmental permit?

You can change your environmental permit by applying to the Council for a variation. You may need to do this if you change any operations at your regulated facility or if you change the name of your company. Your application will need public consultation if it is a substantial change or your regulator thinks that consultation is necessary. The Council can also vary your environmental permit without you applying for a change.

You can apply by any of the following means:

  • Download the application form at the bottom of this page. You can send us a completed and signed application form together with a cheque for the correct amount or bringing it to us in person at our offices.

  • Contacting us in writing, telephone or email. Please use the contact details below to request an application form.

Fee Information

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