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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

Results for the constituencies that cover Dudley Borough (in alphabetical order)

Constituency Dudley North
Electorate 68964
Seats 1
Ballot Papers 38710
% Poll 56.13
Candidates Description Votes Cast
Ross Frederick Cranston The Labour Party Candidate 20095 Elected
Andrew James Griffiths The Conservative Party Candidate 13295
Richard George Burt Liberal Democrats Candidate 3352
Simon Darby British National Party 1822
Constituency Dudley South
Electorate 65578
Seats 1
Ballot Papers 36350
% Poll 55.43
Candidates Description Votes Cast
Ian Phares Pearson The Labour Party Candidate 18109 Elected
Jason Ashley Sugarman The Conservative Party Candidate 11292
Lorely Jane Burt Liberal Democrats Candidate 5421
John Frederick Westwood U.K. Independence Party 859
Angela Thompson Socialist Alliance 663
Constituency Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Electorate 66012
Seats 1
Ballot Papers 39494
% Poll 59.83
Candidates Description Votes Cast
Sylvia Lloyd Heal The Labour Party Candidate 20804 Elected
Leslie Jones The Conservative Party Candidate 13445
Patrick Edward Harley Liberal Democrat Candidate 4089
Alan Sheath U.K. Independence Party 936
Constituency Stourbridge
Electorate 64610
Seats 1
Ballot Papers 40109
% Poll 62.08
Candidates Description Votes Cast
Debra Ann Shipley The Labour Party Candidate 18823 Elected
Stephen John Arthur Eyre The Conservative Party Candidate 15011
Chris Bramall Liberal Democrat 4833
John Martin Knotts UK Independence Party 763
Michael Roy Atherton Socialist Labour Party 494