In Memoriam

HRH Duke of EdinburghOur thoughts are with the Royal family following the sad death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

In Memoriam, HRH Duke of Edinburgh

Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline
Dudley North - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Ian Austin Labour1830644.2%-7.9%
Ian Hillas Conservative1287431.1%-3.4%
Gerry LewisLiberal Democrat 425710.3%1.6%
Simon Darby British National Party 40229.7%5%
Malcolm Davies United Kingdom Independence Party19494.7%-
Turnout: 60.2% Majority: 5432
Dudley South - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Ian Pearson Labour1780045.3%-4.5%
Marco Longhi Conservative1355634.5%3.4%
Jonathan Bramall Liberal Democrat 480812.7%-2.7%
John Salvage British National Party 18414.7%-
Andrew Benion United Kingdom Independence Party12713.2%0.9%
Turnout: 60.2% Majority: 4244
Halesowen and Rowley Regis - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Sylvia Heal Labour1924346.6%-6.4%
Les JonesConservative1490636.1%1.8%
Martin TurnerLiberal Democrat 520412.6%2.2%
Nikki Sinclaire United Kingdom Independence Party19744.8%2.4%
Turnout: 62.9% Majority: 4337
Stourbridge - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Lynda WalthoLabour1708941%-6.2%
Diana Coad Conservative1668240%2.4%
Chris BramallLiberal Democrat 685016.4%4.3%
Daniel Pui Chi Mau United Kingdom Independence Party10872.6%0.7%
Turnout: 64.7% Majority: 407