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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
Dudley North - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Ian Austin Labour1830644.2%-7.9%
Ian Hillas Conservative1287431.1%-3.4%
Gerry LewisLiberal Democrat 425710.3%1.6%
Simon Darby British National Party 40229.7%5%
Malcolm Davies United Kingdom Independence Party19494.7%-
Turnout: 60.2% Majority: 5432
Dudley South - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Ian Pearson Labour1780045.3%-4.5%
Marco Longhi Conservative1355634.5%3.4%
Jonathan Bramall Liberal Democrat 480812.7%-2.7%
John Salvage British National Party 18414.7%-
Andrew Benion United Kingdom Independence Party12713.2%0.9%
Turnout: 60.2% Majority: 4244
Halesowen and Rowley Regis - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Sylvia Heal Labour1924346.6%-6.4%
Les JonesConservative1490636.1%1.8%
Martin TurnerLiberal Democrat 520412.6%2.2%
Nikki Sinclaire United Kingdom Independence Party19744.8%2.4%
Turnout: 62.9% Majority: 4337
Stourbridge - Labour Hold
NamePartyVotes% Share% on 2001
Lynda WalthoLabour1708941%-6.2%
Diana Coad Conservative1668240%2.4%
Chris BramallLiberal Democrat 685016.4%4.3%
Daniel Pui Chi Mau United Kingdom Independence Party10872.6%0.7%
Turnout: 64.7% Majority: 407