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Adult, Community and Housing Services Budget Consultation

Adult Social Care, What's important to you?

Local people are urged to share their views on how the Dudley Council's adult social care team spends its budget and the impact on services.

The Council recently announced that we will need to make further savings over the next three years to meet further reductions in government funding. So we are asking you to give your views on how the Council's adult social care service is going to meet the challenges over the next few years.

Our role is to continue to offer quality care and support services that help more people to live independently in their own homes.

The ideas listed below are some of the key ways in which the Council is suggesting we will meet these challenges.

Our Proposals are:

  • To ensure you have the information and advice to help you to stay independent.
  • To ensure that you can get equipment that helps you stay safe and independent.
  • To provide enablement services that will help you gain independence and reduce your need for long-term care (Enablement is intensive short-term support usually lasting three to six weeks. Its purpose is to support and encourage people to lead as independent and fulfilling a life as possible).
  • To increase the amount of choice and control you have over your care through the increased provision of direct payments (this is a payment made to people who qualify for social care services so that people can arrange their own support)
  • To continue to commission quality services that you can use which offer the best value with the reduced money we have available. This may result in some people having a different care provider in meeting their care and support needs.
  • To join up health and social care services so that more people are supported at home and not in residential care or in hospital.