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Land and Buildings form part of the authorities fixed assets and details of these must be published annually under the Local Transparency Code.

Please note: this dataset is an ongoing document that will be updated on a regular basis as and when more information becomes available based on records that Dudley Council holds on computer.

You are advised that where sensitive or personal information is held, this has been redacted as a requirement of compliance with the Data Protection Law 2018. Some information may also be exempt from disclosure as a consequence of the exemptions contained within the Freedom of Information Act and/or exceptions detailed within the Environmental Information Regulations. It is not therefore a complete replication of all the information held by the Council.

We cannot accept any liability or responsibility should you rely on the information provided and ultimately find it to have been incorrect or incomplete.

License information

The Dataset has been published under the Open Government Licence however a full dataset version including the GeoX, GeoY and UPRN derived from Ordnance Survey (OS) data can only be released for “using the data to respond to, or interact with the Licensor to deliver or support the delivery of the Licensor’s Core Business” due to OS licensing restrictions under a Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) end user licence.  If you wish to use this data for any other purpose other than supporting the delivery of the Licensor’s Core Business, then you should contact Ordnance Survey to discuss how they can help you with your requirements.

What data formats are used?

The Open data published has been made freely available in tabular comma separated variables (CSV) format.  This allows us to:

  • provide useful data
  • make it simple for us to publish open data
  • enable data users to accurately interpret data and aggregate it across councils
  • make the data human readable so long as it does not compromise the above criteria