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Advice and guidance on social enterprises

It can be valuable to those at the start of their journey toward running an enterprise to seek advice first before setting up the venture and looking for start up funding for it. This is because funding is usually unobtainable without the evidence of a well developed , workable idea and a good business plan behind it.

It may be that that what is really needed to start things off is not money as such, but space from which to operate. If that is the case, the Council may be able to help you in other ways.

Email or call 0300 555 2345

Below are some useful contacts who can help to take your ideas further.



The country’s leading nationwide network of communities ambitious for change. Its membership covers a wide range of organisations whose services are tailored to the unique communities they serve. Their common aim is to help to make communities fairer and more inclusive, through social action, social enterprise and community asset ownership.



Community First

Community First, based in Malvern, aim to advise community organisations regarding the protection and sustainability of valued community assets, and access routes to funding options that might be used to secure their future.



For more information about social enterprise in general, or advice on forms of incorporation, or to find out about other enterprises operating in the West Midlands or any other part of the UK.


For financial advice

:: sources of funding


For business planning contact:


For how to protect or develop a community asset (which might be achieved through an enterprise operation, such as a community shop) contact: