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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline


Dudley is committed to making it's web services as accessible as possible. This site has been designed to meet the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) guidelines on accessibility to a minimum double A standard.

Site Features

  • Site search will provide four levels of results:
    • Content search: pages will be returned in which the search term appears
    • Category search: pages will be returned where the search term matches an option in the Local Government Category List
    • Meta Search: pages will be returned where the search term matches a listing in the metadata
    • Attachment Search: documents will be returned in which the search term appears
  • Option to increase or decrease the text size
  • Option to browse the site in a Low Graphics style.
  • A standardised left hand menu across the site based on the Local Government Navigation menu.
  • A "breadcrumb trail" of links showing position in the site.
  • Print friendly option for each page.
  • Frames are not used on the site.
  • All images have meaningful alternative text and have been, where practical, kept to a minimum size to enable quicker browsing
  • Colour choice has been maintained to allow a high level of contrast. All pages have a default of black text on white background. The exceptions to this are:
    • hyperlinks which are standard navy blue and underlined and have a green mouseover effect with the underline disappearing.
    • left menu text is navy blue with a green mouseover. The current page is highlighted by a pale blue background and an arrow icon.
    • page headings and sub-titles will be a larger font size and navy blue.


Each page in the site has been categorised against the Government Category List and the Local Government Category List.

  • Government Category List
  • Local Government Category List

Metadata included:

  • DC.Title: Title of the page
  • DC.Publisher: Publisher of the page
  • DC.Creator.FirstName: First name of the page editor
  • DC.Creator.LastName: Last name of the page editor
  • DC.Contributor: Used if page content contains information taken from an organisation or person that are not part of Dudley MBC
  • DC.Date.Created: Date page was created
  • DC.Date.Modified: Date page was last modified
  • DC.Coverage: Physical area covered by the page
  • DC.Audience: Used only if the page is targeted at specific social group i.e. under 16s
  • DC.Description: Short description of the page contents
  • DC.Identifier: unique identifier of the page, in this case of this site it's the page URL address
  • DC.Language: Code for the international character set for English
  • DC.Rights: "Reproduction by Permission Only" copyright statement
  • DC.Rights.Copyright: Copyright statement
  • DC.Status: Used only if page contains draft information
  • DC.Accessibility: Accessibility level declaration
  • e-GMS.accessibility: Accessibility level declaration
  • e-GMS.Subject.Category: Page category as taken from the Government Category List
  • DC.Subject.Keyword: Page category as taken from the Local Government Category List
  • pics.label: ICRA ratings statement for the page/site
  • keywords: specific alternative words or phrases for each page
  • Categories: Internal system categories set up for use with the site Search engine